Architects without known legacy

Adamovich, Igor Lvovich

АДАМОВИЧ Игорь Львович

Engineer, artist

Graduate of Harbin Polytechnic. In Shanghai from 1930 onward. Head of the architecture department at Calatroni, Hsieh & Co., later at Land Underwriters. Exhibited at Shanghai Art Shows (1930, 1935).

ALavdin, Alexander Ivanovich

АЛЯВДИН Александр Иванович

Engineer, architect

Born on March 3, 1908, in the Far East; died 8 Dec 1983 in Canberra. Graduate of Harbin Polytechnic. In Shanghai from 1932; worked in multiple foreign firms. Wife Iraida (Eraida).

BARBELIUK, Grigory Iosifovich 

БАРБЕЛЮК Григорий Иосифович


Born 27 Jan 1904 in China. Lived in Shanghai in 1931–1936 and 1939–1943. Worked with B. V. Krivoss and A. A. Reyer. (Kradin, 199)

BERNHARD, Alexander Rudolfovich 

БЕРНГАРД Александр Рудольфович

Engineer, builder

Born 6 Feb 1916 in Ekaterinburg. Worked in Shanghai in 1937–1938. (Kradin, 204)

Borisoglebsky, Georgy Sergeevich

БОРИСОГЛЕБСКИЙ Георгий Сергеевич

Civil and railway engineer

Born 22 June 1902 in Ashabad; 17 Sept 1984 in Sydney. Worked in Shanghai in 1930–1939; was an SMC ratepayer. His studio was at 267 Kiangse Road. In Sydney, he became one of the founders of the first Russian church. (Kradin, 204)  More info and obituary in Politechnik #10.

Budagyan (Budagian), Leon Sumbatovich

БУДАГИЯН Леон Сумбатович


Born 29 Nov 1901; died 18 Apr 1980 in New South Wales, Australia. Worked in Shanghai in 1937 and in Hong Kong in 1937–1941. In 1942, with wife Anna he went via Bombay to Sydney. More info and obituary in Politechnik #10.

Disterlo, Boris Vladimirovich

ДИСТЕРЛО Борис Владимирович


Born 1 May 1900 in Moscow; died 22 July 1977 in San Francisco. Worked at CER; built various railway objects, including bridges. In Shanghai from 1931 to 1947.  

Itenson, Alexander Vladimirovich

ИТЕНСОН Александр Владимирович


Born 2 August 1883 in Odessa. Practiced architecture in Harbin and Shanghai. 

Kirilloff, Sergey Evgenievich

КИРИЛЛОВ Сергей Евгеньевич


Born on August 9, 1888, in Mitava, Latvia, he graduated from the architecture department of Riga Polytechnic Institute. In 1925, he traveled from Vladivostok to Shanghai. He was employed first with L. E. Hudec and later with Suenson & Co., Ltd.. In 1928 he left for Canada and returned to Shanghai in 1933. He was then employed as a draughtsman with the Asia Realty Co. for a year, and with C. H. Gonda in 1934–1936. In 1937 he started conducting the Pacific Stamp Company. Kirilloff had wife Inna and son Leo.

Koltsov-Mosalsky, Alexander Georgievich, prince

КОЛЬЦОВ-МОСАЛЬСКИЙ Александр Георгиевич (князь)

Architect, building supervisor

Born Dec 2, 1896, in Saint-Petersburg. In 1932-1933, worked at K. H. Suhr's architecture firm. In 1950, with wife and children, went via Philippines to the USA.

Konstantinoff, Boris Evgenievich

КОНСТАНТИНОВ Борис Евгеньевич


A naturalized Chinese citizen, Konstantinoff was born in Harbin on 28 May 1912. He graduated from Architectural Department of the Harbin Polytechnic Institute in 1935. The same year he moved to Shanghai and found employment with Terrazzo Marble & Tile Co.



Architect, land surveyor

1926: Announced a sale of a Stradivarius violin, supposedly inherited by his wife; the asking price was $3,000.

Kovaleff, Sergey Alexandrovich  

КОВАЛЕВ Сергей Александрович


1935: Worked at Modern Home furniture store. Attempted suicide by shooting, in Jessfield Park, but survived and recovered.

Lissovsky, Zigmound (Sigismund Kazimirowich) (25 Oct 1880 – 12 May 1943)



1934: Found guilty of stealing valuables and jewels from his friend Rodukoff.

Mamontov, Serge Ivanovich

МАМОНТОВ Сергей Иванович

Real estate broker, owner of New China Trading Co.

1941: Shot while riding in a ricksha on Rue Lafayette; died of wounds.

von Rachner, Constantin Fedorovich (1867-after 1944)

фон РАХНЕР Константин Федорович

Engineer, architect, landlord

Born 9 Feb 1867 in Kishinev. In 1935, he was charged with assault of his British tenants, Vera Lock and her son, over non-payment of rent.

Rahmanoff, Alexandr Andreevich (1885–1943)

РАХМАНОВ Александр Андреевич


Born 15 Mar 1885 in Chita. After graduating from Nikolaev Engineering Academy, in St Petersburg, Rahmanoff was involved in the construction of a fortress in Vladivostok, taught in his alma mater and served as a miner during the World War, rising to the rank of a Colonel by 1919. In 1920–1934 he lived in Harbin, where he owned a cement plant and worked in construction. From 1934 he lived in Shanghai, where he was also involved in construction. He was member of the ex-Siberian Cadet Corps Society and the Officers’ Club. A widower, he lived at 611/13 Rue Bourgeat, and died 1 Sept 1943.

Scrill, Trofim Nikolaevich

СКРИЛЬ Трофим Николаевич

Engineer, architect

1934: Assaulted by workers that he fired while working on a building at 1813A Avenue Joffre.

Senichenko, John Fedorovich 

СЕНИЧЕНКО Иван Федорович

Architectural assistant

Born c. 1895. Wife Ludmila Pellgorsky. Before 1928: Worked at Palmer & Turner. 1929-1933: Worked at the SMC Public Works Department.

Soorochnikoff (SoUrochnikoff), Vassily Vassilievich 

СУРОШНИКОВ Василий Васильевич

Architectural assistant

Born July 9, 1908, in Samara; arrived in Shanghai in 1921 via Harbin, with his parents. Educated at Aurora University, in 1929 he was employed as an assistant architect at Public Works Departments of the French Municipal Council.

Tomashevsky, Paul (Pavel) Alexandrovich (1876–1929)

ТОМАШЕВСКИЙ Павел Александрович


Born  Railway engineer in Irkutsk in 1902–1905; control administrator at the port of Vladivostok in 1912–1920. Involved with the building of CER until 1920. In Shanghai, worked at Livin-Goldenstaedt's architecture firm. In 1929, shot himself in the heart in the bathroom of his house, 118 Route Vallon, after suffering from "cardiac and nervous trouble." In his farewell letter he requested that the monument of his own design should be erected on his grave. Son – the architect I. P. Tomashevsky.

UNTERBERGER, Petr Pavlovich



Employed at the Shanghai Municipal Council from 1926 onward. Vice-chairman of the Russian Engineers' Society in the mid-1930s.

VassilieV, Constantin Grigorievich

ВАСИЛЬЕВ Константин Григорьевич


Born 1 March 1891 in Kazan. In Shanghai from 1924. Owned a construction firm C. G. Vassiliev 万雪利物, on Avenue Joffre, later Vassiliev Engineering Corp. (Structural engineers and contractors, woodworking factory), on Penang Road. One of the organizers of the Russian Engineers' Society.

Verhotoortzeff, Sergey Nikandrovich 

ВЕРХОТУРЦЕВ Сергей Никандрович


Born 1889. Presumably, designed and built the cabaret Folies Bergere. In 1953, immigrated to Brazil.

Vesseloukin, Vladimir Mikhailovich

ВЕСЕЛУХИН Владимир Михайлович

Architect, civil engineer

Director of School of Engineering (Drawing and Design), 925 Avenue Joffre.

Zenzinoff, Boris Fedorovich

ЗЕНЗИНОВ Борис Федорович


Born on October 4, 1898, in Transbaikal province, Zenzinoff left Russia in 1921 and studied at Harbin Polytechnic Institute. Having graduated as an electro-mechanical engineer in 1927, he arrived in Shanghai in 1932 and found work with Elliott Hazzard, Architect. In 1934–1936, Zenzinoff was engaged by Jacob Lehonos to work on the construction of the Orthodox Cathedral, Route Paul Henry. After this project, he unsuccessfully sought employment in Canton, returning to Shanghai in 1937 to work as a designer at Anderson, Mayer & Co.