Russian built Legacy in Shanghai

Наследие русских архитекторов Шанхая

Architects, engineers, designers and builders from Russia realized dozens of projects in Shanghai. The number of known surviving buildings has surpassed eighty; they are listed below. 

Русские архитекторы и застройщики в Шанхае возвели десятки жилых и коммерческих зданий, из которых более восьмидесяти сохранились до наших дней; внизу приведен список их адресов с авторством и датой постройки.

Public & Commercial // Общественные здания (21)

Sculptures on the General Post Office 总局大楼 (1924)

395 Tiandong Road 天潼路395号I. A. Karsnitsky

French Club 法国总会 (1926)

58 South Maoming Road 茂名南路58号 L. N. Pashkoff (assistant architect), M. Stupin (decorator), Shibaeff (sculptor), V. S. Podgoursky (artist)

Kincheng Bank 金城银行 (1927)

200 Middle Jiangxi Road 江西中路200号Lafuente & Yaron

Ohel Moshe Synagogue (1927)

62 Changyang Road 长阳路62号G. B. Rabinovich

D. G. M. Aronovsky's godown (1929)

687 Dongdaming Road 东大名路687号 A. J. Yaron

Blue Hospital (1930)

157 South Wulumuqi Road 乌鲁木齐南路157号Krivoss & Co.

Headquarters of Missions Etrangeres de Paris (1931) 

Lane 83 Fenyang Road 汾阳路83弄10号W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt

Recoletos Procuration (1932)

6 Xiangshan Road 香山路6号A. J. Yaron

Catholic Chapel of Sacred Heart Hospital 圣心医院圣堂 (1932)

349 Hangzhou Road 杭州路349号W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt

Grand Theatre 大光明大戏院 (construction) (1933)

216 West Nanjing Road 南京西路216号Reyer Construction Co.

Maternity Ward of Sacred Heart Hospital 圣心医院 (1934)

349 Hangzhou Road 杭州路349号W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt

Joffre Arcade 霞飞市场 (1934)

542 Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路542弄Krivoss & Co.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church 俄罗斯教堂 (1934)

16 Gaolan Road 皋兰路16号A. J. Yaron

Development Building (Commercial Bank of China) 建设大楼 (1935)

181 Middle Jiangxi Road 江西中路181号Davies, Brooke & Gran

Mayflower Building (1936)

15 Love Lane 吴江路15号Davies, Brooke & Gran

Russian Orthodox Cathedral 东正教堂 (1936)

55 Xinle Road 新乐路55号J. L. Lehonos

Pushkin's Monument (1937)

Corner of Yueyang Road and Taojiang Road 岳阳路桃江路Pavlovsky, Podgoursky, Kichigin, Gran, Livin-Goldenstaedt

Magnet House 经租大楼 (1939)

49 Middle Sichuan Road 四川中路49号Davies, Brooke & Gran

Ashkenazi Synagogue (1941)

102 South Xiangyang Road 襄阳南路102号Emmanuel Gran

Shops and residences (1942)

605–621 Nanchang Road 南昌路605号–621号I. P. Tomashevsky 

Sino-Soviet Friendship Hall 中苏友好大厦 (1955)

1000 West Yan'an Road 延安西路1000号V. S. Andreev, K. D. Kislova, J. A. Yaron 

Apartments // Многоквартирные дома (35)

La Tour Apartments 拉都公寓 (1928)

Lane 275 South Xiangyang Road 襄阳南路275弄Krivoss & Co.

Hotel Tiny, aka Tiny Mansions (1928)

741 Yuyuan Road 愚园路741号W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt

Clement’s Apartments 克莱门公寓 (1929)

1363 Middle Fuxing Road 复兴中路1363弄W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt

Central Mansions 中央公寓 (1930)

931 West Nanjing Road 南京西路931号Lafuente & Yaron

Tiny Apartments (1930)

Lane 54 Yanqing Road 延庆路54弄Krivoss & Co.

Krivoss Apartments (c. 1930)

1333 Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路1333号Krivoss & Co.

King Albert Apartments 陕南村 (1930)

151–187 South Shaanxi Road 陕西南路151号–187号W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt

Western Apartments (1931)

23 Hengshan Road 衡山路23号Krivoss & Co.

Bishop Apartments (1932)

55A Xinle Road 新乐路55AA. J. Yaron

Nesthouse Apartments 巢居公寓 (1932)

Lane 30 Nanyang Road 南阳路30弄Krivoss & Co.

Lafayette Court (1933)

1248 Middle Fuxing Road 复兴中路1248弄Davies, Brooke & Gran

California-style apartments 嘉宝公寓 & 秀琦公寓(1933)

625 and 635 Nanchang Road 南昌路625号,南昌路635号Krivoss & Co.

Astrid Apartments 南昌大楼 (1933)

294–316 Nanchang Road 南昌路294号–316号W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt

Medhurst Apartments 泰兴公寓 (1934)

934 West Nanjing Road 南京西路934号Davies, Brooke & Gran

Yue Tuck Apartments 懿德公寓 (1934)

69 North Wulumuqi Road 乌鲁木齐北路69号Davies, Brooke & Gran

Victor Court (1934)

56 Shaoxing Road 绍兴路56号Davies, Brooke & Gran

Belmont Apartments (1934)

240 South Xiangyang Road 襄阳南路240号Kirk & Ubink

Dufour Apartments 安康公寓原巨福公寓 (1934)

176 South Wulumuqi Road 乌鲁木齐南路176号W. A. Fedoroff

Bridge House Apartments 大桥公寓 (1935)

85 North Sichuan Road 四川北路85号G. B. Rabinovich

Derring Apartments (1935)

82 Chongming Road 崇明路82号G. B. Rabinovich

Irene Apartments 爱丽公寓 (1935)

182 Kangping Road 康平路182号W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt

Koffman Apartments 国富门公寓 (1935)

230–232 Wukang Road 武康路230,232号G. B. Rabinovich

"Japanese" Apartments (1937) 

Lane 136 Kunshan Road 昆山路136弄Davies, Brooke & Gran

Doumer Apartments 杜美公寓 (c. 1937)

No. 43 Lane 56 Donghu Road 东湖路56弄43号G. B. Rabinovich

Hanray Mansions 淮中大楼 (1939)

1154–1170 Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路1154–1170号Davies, Brooke & Gran

Delastre Apartments 太原公寓 (1939)

238 Taiyuan Road 太原路238号Tomashevsky & Dronnikoff

Elisabeth Apartments 伊丽莎白公寓 (1939)

1327 Middle Fuxing Road 复兴中路1327W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt

Apartments on Avenue Joffre (c.1939) 

1274 Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路1274号G. B. Rabinovich

Apartments on Avenue Petain (c.1940)

27 Hengshan Road 衡山路27号G. B. Rabinovich

Apartments on Route Pere Huc (1941)

70 Youngfu Road 永福路70号A. V. Kooklin

Pershing Apartments 潘兴公寓 (1941)

1706 Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路1706号A. V. Kooklin

Delastre Tenement (1941)

228 Taiyuan Road 太原路228号I. P. Tomashevsky

Georgette Apartments (1941)

32 West Fuxing Road 复兴西路32号I. P. Tomashevsky

Apartments on Route Pere Huc (1941)

72 Yongfu Road 永福路72弄I. P. Tomashevsky

Friendship Apartments 友谊公寓 (1941)

91, 93 West Fuxing Road, 68 Yongfu Road 复兴西路91,93号、永福路68号Associated Architects

Lane houses & residences // Пассажи и особняки (17)

Linda Terrace 人民坊 (1924)

Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路833弄A. J. Yaron

Cohen's Terrace (1924)

Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路 (exact location to be confirmed)A. J. Yaron

Residence on Route Frelupt (1928)

325 West Jianguo Road 建国西路325号Krivoss & Co.

Wang Boqun's residence 王伯群住宅 (1931)

No. 31 Lane 1136 Yuyuan Road 愚园路1136弄31号A. J. Yaron

Chinese-style lane residences (1932)

Lane 56 Nanyang Road 南阳路56弄B. V. Krivoss 

Spanish-style residence (c. 1932)

19 West Fuxing Road 复兴西路19号W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt 

Joffre Terrace (reconstruction) (1933)

927 MIddle Huaihai Road 淮海中路927弄W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt 

Residences on Rue Bourgeat (c. 1933) 

784, 786 and 788 Changle Road 长乐路784号, 786号, 788号A. J. Yaron

Residence for Z. Y. Woo (1933)

618 Wanhangdu Road 万航渡路618号Davies, Brooke & Gran

Avan Villa (1934)

Lane 468 North Wulumuqi Road 乌鲁木齐北路468弄Davies, Brooke & Gran

Shops and residences (1934) 

Lanes 253–281 Huanghe Road 承兴里黄河路253、281弄Davies, Brooke & Gran

Villa Bayankara and commercial buildings on Love Lane and Chinhai Road (1936

44 Qinghai Road 青海路44号Davies, Brooke & Gran

Tomashevsky's residence (1940)

103 and 105 Kangping Road 康平路103号,105号I. P. Tomashevsky

"Southern" residence on Route Ferguson (1941)

370 Wukang Road 武康路370号Associated Architects

Spanish-style residence for T. Z. Woo (1941)

1917 West Nanjing Road 南京西路1917号Associated Architects

Residence on Route Ferguson (1941)

274 Wukang Road 武康路274号I. P. Tomashevsky

Residence for R. B. Mauchan 莫尚宅 (rebuilding, 1941) 

201 Anfu Road 安福路201号H. J. Enfield 

Shops and residences on Route Vallon (1942)

605–621 Nanchang Road 南昌路605号–621号I. P. Tomashevsky

Outside of Shanghai // Другие города (8)

Railway Hospital 铁路医院 (1936)

Tianjin, 3 Zhongshan Road 中山路3号Wm. A. Kirk

Edgewater Mansions 东海饭店 (1934)

Qingdao, 7 Huiquan Road 汇泉路7号E. Gran

Cathay Cinema, Café and Roof Garden (1939) – interior design

Singapore, 2 Handy Road V. A. Zasipkin

Bay View Mansions (1933)

Causeway Bay, Hong KongDavies, Brooke & Gran

Apartments in North Point Bay (1933)

Hong KongDavies, Brooke & Gran

Kadoorie Estates (1934–1941)

Hong Kong, Kadoorie HillDavies, Brooke & Gran

China Light and Power Building (1940)

Hong Kong, 147 Argyle StreetDavies, Brooke & Gran

St. George's Mansions (1940)

Hong Kong, 147 Argyle StreetDavies, Brooke & Gran

Total number of surviving buildings: 81.

Drawing of the Russian Orthodox Church, on today’s Gaolan Road 皋兰路 (A. J. Yaron; 1932). Museum of Russian Culture, San Francisco
Historic Route Lorton, now South Xiangyang Road. Left – Bishop Apartments (Yaron; 1932); right – Russian Orthodox Cathedral (Lehonos; 1933–1937)
Drawing of the Astrid Apartments, on Nanchang Road 南昌路 (Livin-Goldenstaedt; 1933). The Builder 建筑月刊, 1934
Drawing of the Koffman Apartments, on the corner of Hunan Road 湖南路 and Wukang Road 武康路 (Rabinovich; 1935). Builder 建筑月刊, 1935
Amendment to the existing building of Washington Apartments, by J. J. Levitin, proposed in 1941. Shanghai Urban Planning Archives.
The "Russian row" on Yongfu Road 永福路 in the west French Concession, built in 1940–1941. Left to right: No. 72 designed by I. P. Tomashevsky, No. 70 by A. V. Kooklin, No. 68 by N. N. Emanoff and E. L. Gindper. rabbit_3922 
Drawing of the Sino-Soviet Friendship Palace, 1000 MIddle Yan’an Road, built in 1955. Sina 邦业.