Tomashevsky's residence

103, 105 Rue Magniny // 103, 105 Kangping Road // 康平路103号,105号

Architect: I. Tomashevsky

This two-family residence was built around 1940 and served as home to the architect's family; the other half was occupied by Capt. M. I. Zolotoukhin.

The house was described as "a very economically designed building consisting of two semi-detached residences [...] The building site is only two-fifths of a mow and yet each half of the house has 24 ft by 20 ft garden, a large living room and four other rooms besides an attic and all the usual kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, staircases, etc. Finished in stucco, the exterior is designed in bold modern lines and presents a noteworthy landmark on this as yet not fully developed road." (Shanghai Times, Dec 1941)

No. 103 and No. 105 on former Route Magniny, renamed Kangping Road. Virtual Shanghai
Two-family residence on Rue Magniny, c. 1940
103, 105 Kangping Road. Dennis Wu at flickr
Former Tomashevsky's residence, 103, 105 Kangping Road. Shanghai Art Deco.