Friendship Apartments


68 Route Pere Huc >> 91, 93 West Fuxing Road, 68 Yongfu Road // 复兴西路91,93号、永福路68号

Associated Architects 联益建筑公 (N. N. Emanoff and E. L. Gindper)

Built in 1941.

Owner: Cosmopolitan Realty Co.

General contractors: Cathay Construction Co.

"Practical, simple but modern throughout." Such was the summary for the building at the corner of Route du Pere Huc and Route Gustave de Boissezon – "a section of the French Concession rapidly developing into a first-class residential district."

The general contractors was a firm owned by the architect N. N. Emanoff, who also designed the building together with E. L. Gindper. The plumbing and heating engineers and contractors were the Shanghai Waterworks Fittings Co., while China Engineers were the electrical contractors.

Design of the building by Associated Architects, published in 1941.
Modern facade of the apartment building. The top two floors are located higher than the first four. 高参88
View of the building from Yongfu Road.
Entrance on West Fuxing Road.
Northern facade of Friendship Apartments 良友公寓.
Main staircase in the building reflects its triangular footprint. ctrip
Room in one of the apartments in Friendship Apartments 良友公寓.
Three Russian-built projects on Yongfu Road, left to right: #72 designed by I. Tomashevsky, #70 by A. Kooklin, #68 by N. Emanoff and E. Gindper. Image: rabbit_3922