亨利公寓, 今淮中大楼

1154–1170 Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路1154–1170号

Penthouse terrace in Hanray Mansions. Kooklin family archive

Architects: Davies, Brooke & Gran and Atkinson & Dallas

General contractors: A. V. Kooklin & Co.

Built in 1938-1939.

As the Hanray Mansions began to rise in 1938, it was called "Shanghai's swankiest apartment house, lowest rent $550 per mensem." The rents were to increase progressively according to the floor. For the construction, "Europe, England and America have been combed for the latest thing in fittings, and the service will be super-perfect." 

The construction took longer than anticipated, so the owner R. M. Joseph fired the firm Davies, Brooke & Gran and engaged Atkinson & Dallas to oversee the completion of the building.

The design of the Hanray Mansions, by Davies, Brooke & Gran, published in 1937. Shanghai Sunday Times
Hanray on Avenue Joffre under construction in November 1938; Gascogne Apartments in the background. China Press
Kooklin and workers on the roof of the Hanray Mansions, finishing the project, c. 1939. Kooklin family archive
Hanray Mansions, c. 1940. Kooklin family archive
Hanray Mansions featured in Hongkong and Far East Builder, November 1941.
Ad for the Bianna salon and beautician school in the Hanray, operated by Anna Bouianovsky, 1940. Le journal de Shanghai
Hanray Mansions, 1154–1170 Middle Huaihai Road
Foyer of the former Hanray Mansions, 1154–1170 Middle Huaihai Road
Floor plans of the Hanray: two-story penthouse on the 7th and 8th floors and standard floor