Blue Hospital


185 Route Dufour >> 157 South Wulumuqi Road // 乌鲁木齐南路157号

Architecture and construction: Boris Krivoss

Built in 1929.

Blue Hospital was owned and operated by a renowned Russian doctor Raisa Isakovna Perevozsky (Perevosky), who previously had a clinic in Harbin. In Shanghai, she employed several resident doctors, eight nurses and two midwives. Three Chinese and twelve foreign doctors were available for consultation. Perevozsky operated Blue Hospital until 1932, when her Russian colleague Constantin Hohlachkin gained control of the establishment, and she turned to private practice.

Blue Hospital opened in September 1929, and was reviewed in the press: "On the ground floor are situated the fourth class rooms with twelve beds, a surgery, a dentistry and a room for electrical treatment. The first floor is the maternity section with six rooms for first, second and third class patients; there is also an operating room for obstetrical operations. On this floor are also the residential quarters of the medical staff and nurses."

"The second floor is divided into six rooms for surgical cases and seven rooms for general cases. There is also a large operating theatre on this floor, complete with all modern improvements and special lighting apparatus, which includes gas lighting, should the electric light fail. All rooms are well furnished, airy and in conformity with the name of the hospital the electric globes are blue, which gives the nearest approach to daylight." (China Press, 11 Sep 1929)

In September 1930, Blue Hospital celebrated the first anniversary. During that year, "1385 patients of all nationalities were attended to by physicians all nationalities and a large number of operations performed on different parts of the body, such as livers, kidneys, intestines etc. with excellent results. A good number of happy mothers left the Hospital with their newly born babies in the best of health and spirits."

"The hospital is well equipped with modern medical apparatus and has surgical, maternity, gynecological, therapeutic wards, X-Ray for treatment and diagnostic, laboratory, pharmacy and two operating theatres and also its own ambulance." (China Press, 14 Sep 1930)

In 1932, Dr. Constantin Hohlachkin took over the hospital management and had the hospital renamed Shanghai Nursing Home. After less than two years, the landlord Boris Krivoss claimed his building and remodeled it into a residential rental property with the name Krivoss Apartments. 

Former Blue Hospital, view from the former Route Frelupt, now West Jianguo Road 建国西路. 
Blue Hospital viewed from the intersection of Route Dufour and Route Frelupt, published in China Press, July 1929. 
Advertising for Blue Hospital, published in China Press, September 1929. 
View from the former Route Dufour, now South Wulumuqi Road 乌鲁木齐南路.
Ground floor hall.
Interior facade of the building.
Raisa Perevozsky (Раиса Исаковна Перевозская) - биография.