Delastre Apartments

238 Route Delastre // 238 Taiyuan Road // 太原路238号

Architects: I. Tomashevsky and V. Dronnikoff

General contractors: A. V. Kooklin

The apartment house representing one of Tomashevsky's "midget apartments" was built in the second half of 1939.

"Skillful planning by Architect Tomashevsky fitted this small tenement snugly into a limited lot on Route Delastre. Four apartments are contained in the building, each spreading over the entire floor." (Shanghai Sunday Times, Dec 1934)

Wedge-shaped lot on Route Delastre where the apartment house was built in 1939. Virtual Shanghai
Former Delastrte Apartments, 238 Taiyuan Road.
Facade of the building on Taiyuan Road. F Thomas on flickr
According to this heritage architecture plaque, this building was a result of collaboration of I. Tomashevsky and V. Dronnikoff