Delastre Apartments

238 Route Delastre  // 238 Taiyuan Road // 太原路238号

Architects: I. Tomashevsky and V. Dronnikoff 

General contractors: A. V. Kooklin.

The apartment house representing one of Tomashevsky's "midget apartments" was built in the second half of 1939.

"Skillful planning by Architect Tomashevsky fitted this small tenement snugly into a limited lot on Route Delastre. Four apartments are contained in the building, each spreading over the entire floor" (Shanghai Times Industrial Supplement, Dec 1941).

The residents listed in 1947 were Miss L. Poletika, A. D. Pigulevsky and G. B. Rosen (office).

Wedge-shaped lot on Route Delastre where the apartment house was built in 1939. Virtual Shanghai
Former Delastrte Apartments, 238 Taiyuan Road.
Facade of the building on Taiyuan Road. F Thomas on flickr
Heritage plaque crediting the architects I. Tomashevsky and V. Dronnikoff.
Entrance to the building. Jad Arsan, 2021.
Staircase. Jad Arsan, 2021.
Apartment door. Jad Arsan, 2021.
Four mailboxes in the public hallway. Shanghai Architecture Wandering 走跳上海建築.