Wladimir Fedoroff

В. А. Федоров

Fedoroff in his student years.

Wladimir A. Fedoroff (1880–after 1941) 

Владимир Александрович Федоров (1880–после 1941 года). Русский текст – внизу страницы

Architect, engineer

Between 1906 and 1916, W. A. Fedoroff (发特落夫), created more than 200 buildings in Vladivostok and vicinity. His commissions were made possible by the patronage of his father-in-law, a renowned Russian architect Nicolay Dmitrieff. Fedoroff’s wife Eudokia divorced him in 1914 to marry the Hungarian architect C. H. Gonda. The couple moved to Shanghai together with Fedoroff’s two sons, adopted by Gonda. Fedoroff, too, eventually made his way to Shanghai.

At one point, Fedoroff joined Calatroni & Hsieh. Besides being the creators of Sun Court and Apartments on Weihaiwei Road, the company was responsible for the Burlington Court at Tsongchow Road (1934), Jubilee Court and Apartments between Avenue Joffre and Rue Lafayette (1935), foreign residences on Route Vallon, a three-story foreign residence on Medhurst Road, and other buildings.

In 1934, W. A. Fedoroff designed Dufour Apartments, on Route Dufour, for Asia Realty Co.. The six-story building had ten 3-, 4- and 5-room apartments and one bungalow studio apartment situated on the roof”. The apartment house cost 90,000 taels to build and was marketed for foreign families wishing to be in the vicinity of the American School.

In 1935–1936, Fedoroff worked as an architect at Hall & Hall ("Engineers, architects, land and estate agents"). He was on the supervising committee for the construction of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral (1936). In 1940 he was an architect at G. A. Kirlian's real estate firm.

Dufour Apartments, Route Dufour


Advertisement crediting the Dufour Apartments to W. A. Fedoroff, Chinese Architect 中国建筑, No. 25, 1936
Family of the owner of Dufour Apartments, J. I. Jacob, outside their property. Jewish San Francisco, via Finding Old Shanghai
Residents of Dufour Apartments on their balcony. Lara de la Harpe
Modern view of Dufour Apartments, now Ankang Apartments 安康公寓, 176 South Wulumuqi Road 乌鲁木齐南路176号. gaocan88888
Modern view of Dufour Apartments, 176 South Wulumuqi Road. Lara de la Harpe
The floor tile in the foyer of the building may be a coded "F" – the first letter of the architect's surname. Historic Shanghai
Bird's-eye view of the north facade. Source
Stairs in Dufour Apartments, now Ankang Gongyu. Source

List of works by W. A. Fedoroff

В. А. Федоров (1880–после 1941 года) – Развернуть ⬇

О шанхайских работах известного архитектора В. А. Федорове известно очень мало, помимо того, что он работал в архитектурно-строительной конторе "Hall & Hall" в 1935 и 1936 годах. Многоквартирный дом Дюфур (Dufour Apartments) по его проекту был выстроен в 1934 году. Федоров состоял в комитете по строительству Собора, завершенного в 1936 году. В начале 1940-х годов он работал в строительной фирме Кирлиана