Valentin Shtifelman 

В. Н. Штифельман

Valentin Nikolaevich Shtifelman (Shtiefelman) (1906–1989)

Валентин Николаевич ШТИФЕЛЬМАН (1906–1989). Русский текст – внизу страницы

Engineer, architect

Born 31 March, 1906, in Irkutsk; died in July 1989 in Togliatti, USSR. Graduated from Chita Polytechnic College. In 1925 he started working in Shanghai architectural firms, such as Elliott Hazzard Architects (in 1930–1937) and others. His exact contribution to the firm’s projects is unclear, but during his employment it created such building as Brookside Apartments on Avenue Haig, Enterprise Building on Szechuen Road, the headquarters of Shanghai Power Co. and the Annex to the Wing On Department Store, both on Nanking Road.

First wife – Evgenia Lavrentievna Lazareva (b. 1911). Son Oleg (1932–2018). Second wife – Nina Pavlovna Livina (b. 1913, m. 1934, d. 1978), niece of the architect W. F. Livin-Goldenstaedt. Son Alexey (b. 1942).

According to the memoir of his son Oleg, in 1946 Valentin Shtiefelman was working as chief engineer at the Palace Hotel. In 1947, together with his wife Nina and sons Oleg and Alexey he returned to the USSR and settled in Zlatoust.

Listing for Elliott Hazzard architecture studio. North-China Hong List, 1933
Gabriel Rabinovich, Igor Pakidoff and Valentin Shtifelman on the roof of the Elliott Hazzard office in downtown Shanghai. Courtesy of Dr. Viktoria Sharonova,

Валентин Николаевич ШТИФЕЛЬМАН (1906–1989) – развернуть

Биография из В. Д. Жиганова, "Русские в Шанхае":

Окончил в Забайкалье в 1924 году Читинский политехникум. Работал с 1925 года архитектором в Шанхае в иностранных строительных фирмах, в частности в 1930 году работал в фирмах Elliott Hazzard & Phillips Architects, и др.

Вклад Штифельмана в проекты фирмы пока не выяснен, но за время его работы (1930–1937 гг.) компания возвела следующие проекты: апартаменты «Бруксайд», офисное здание «Энтерпрайз», штаб-квартира компании «Шанхай Пауэр Ко.» и небоскреб-пристройку к магазину «Винг-Он».