Alexandre Kooklin

А. В. Куклин

Alexandre Vladimirovich Kooklin (1903–1977)

Александр Владимирович КУКЛИН (1903–1977). Русский текст – внизу страницы

Architect, engineer, contractor

Born on April 3, 1903, in Sarapoul, Viatsk region. Wife – Antonina Dimitrievna, born in Helsinki. Their three children – Antonina, Eugenia and Dimitri were born in Shanghai.

Kooklin was educated at the Harbin Polytechnic Institute, specializing in reinforced concrete. His Shanghai career started in 1932 and it was called outstanding. According to his friend's memoir, "he supervised the construction of water reservoirs in Lushan, designed and oversaw the construction of numerous buildings in Shanghai. For years, he was chief consultant for a Chinese commission for the preservation of ancient architecture." (Borodin Chronicles)

By Kooklin's own description he had private practice in engineering and was building contractor and consultant, having erected "many apartment buildings, factories, schools etc in Shanghai and waterworks system in China." (Arolsen)

He was on the board of the Russian Engineering Society since 1935. He was also member of the technical council in charge of the construction of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral (1936), for which he received a medal of St. Vladimir from the Peking Mission.

A. V. Kooklin's firm was the general contractor for several apartment buildings in central Shanghai, such as Tomashevsky-designed Delastre Tenement, Rabinovich's Doumer Apartments, Davies, Brooke & Gran's Hanray Mansions, LVK's five-story apartment house on Route Mercier, and others. Kooklin was also the architect of several buildings, including Pershing Apartments on Avenue Joffre (1941) and the four-story apartment house on Route Pere Huc (1941). All his buildings are in the modernist style.

The firm A. V. Kooklin & Co. was active in Shanghai as late as 1947. The Kooklin family left China via Hong Kong and tried to emigrate to Australia, but ended up taking Soviet citizenship and going to the USSR. The architect's descendants live in Ukraine.

hanray Mansions, avenue joffre


Delastre Tenement, route Delastre


Doumer Apartments, route Doumer


Five-story Apartments, route Mercier


Pershing Apartments, Avenue Joffre


Three-story Apartments, Avenue Joffre


Four-story Apartments, route Pere Huc


three-story Apartments, route Vallon


List of known works by A. V. Kooklin

  • Delastre Tenement, 228 Route Delastre, designed by I. P. Tomashevsky (1941), now 228 Taiyuan Road 太原路228号

  • Hanray Mansions 亨利公寓, Avenue Joffre, designed by Davies, Brooke & Gran (1939), now 淮中大楼, 1154–1170 Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路1154–1170号

  • Four-story apartments, 70 Route Pere Huc (1941), now 70 Yongfu Road 永福路70号

  • Doumer Apartments, Route Doumer, designed by G. B. Rabinovich (1941), now No. 43 Lane 56 Donghu Road 东湖路56弄43号

  • Five-story apartments 希勒公寓, Route Mercier, designed by Leonard, Veysseyre & Kruze (1941), now 钟和公寓, 112–124 South Maoming Road 茂名南路112号–124号

  • Three-story apartments on Route Vallon, designed by I. P. Tomashevsky (1942), now 605–621 Nanchang Road 南昌路605号–621号.

  • Three-story apartments on Avenue Joffre, construction (1941) – location to be confirmed

  • Pershing Apartments 潘兴公寓, 1706 Avenue Joffre (1942), now 1706 Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路1706弄

Kooklin and workers on the roof of the Hanray Mansions, c. 1939. Kooklin family archive
Kooklin posing in front of Pershing Apartments, where his office was located. Kooklin family archive
Pershing Apartments, 1706 Middle Huaihai Road
Advertisement for A. V. Kooklin & Co., with an office at Pershing Apartments, in 1941.
Mrs. Kooklin (Antonina Dmitrievna), with daughter Antoinette (Antonina). NCDN, April 1937
Kooklin-designed apartments on Yongfu Road. Kooklin family archive
"The Russian row" on Yongfu Road 永福路 in the west French Concession. Left to right: No. 72 designed by I. Tomashevsky, No. 70 by A. Kooklin, No. 68 by N. Emanoff. rabbit_3922
Listing for Kooklin's firm in 1941 Hong directory

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Родился во Сарапульском уезде Вятской губернии 3 апреля 1903 года.

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