Building Russian Shanghai

Архитектура русского Шанхая

Numerous Russian architects, engineers, designers and builders were active in Shanghai in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. To this day their projects grace central streets of the city. This web-based project is an effort to identify and study the built legacy of the Russian architects of Shanghai. Read more on

В двадцатые, тридцатые и сороковые годы XX века в Шанхае творили десятки архитекторов, инженеров, декораторов и застройщиков-выходцев из Российской Империи. Десятки русских зданий украшают улицы Шанхая, но их обширное наследие до сих пор систематически не изучалось. Наш веб-проект информирует о работе российских зодчих, способствует восстановлению их творческих биографий и стремится воздать должное вкладу российских эмигрантов в облик китайского города.

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Lafuente & Yaron architecture studio in 1926. Young architect J. A. Yaron, son of A. J. Yaron, is seated at the far desk; A. Lafuente Garcia Rojo is standing at the door. Archivio China-España.
Architect V. N. Dronnikoff at his desk at the office of Palmer and Turner, 1932. Museum of Russian Culture, San Francisco.
Architect I. P. Tomashevsky (left) on the construction site on Route Maresca, 1935. Museum of Russian Culture, San Francisco.
Engineer N. M. Nekludoff during the construction of the Development Building, Kiangse Road, 1935. Museum of Russian Culture, San Francisco.
Engineer A. V. Kooklin (second from left) on the roof of the Hanray Mansions, 1939. Kooklin family archive.
The construction of the Sino-Soviet Friendship Palace, 1000 MIddle Yan’an Road, in 1954; the architect J. A. Yaron participated in its design. Author’s collection.

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